SATISFIXATION presents the Mobile Personal Series:
M.P.S.D. at NY PL: “Suburbanification ” at the Library!

What: Free, Live, and durational performance on the steps of New York Public Library Scwarzman building.

When: Tuesday, October 18 from 10:00 AM – 2:00PM

Where: 41st Street and 5th Avenue On the steps of the NYPL, Stephen Scwarzman Building.



The Mobile Personal Suburbanification Device (M.P.S.D.) focuses on the lack of human interaction and our existence in a world where our relationship to nature has been replaced by manufactured habitats.
The piece addresses our basic need for personal space and the compromises we are forced to make to coexist in the contemporary metropolis.
The M.P.S.D. is conceived as a series of guerilla performances on city sidewalks. These small portable performance sculptures are carried and “deployed” by performers on sidewalks and plazas.